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Cash Loans

Over the last few years, cash loans have helped thousands of people stretch their monthly budget and solve some emergency money issues. Used wisely, cash loans can be lifesavers.

Take the following scenario into consideration:

You agree to a new monthly debit on your bank account, but for the first month the debit is more than you expect – and it is to be debited the week before your wage enters your bank account. Normally you will be able to cover the debit amount, but for the first month you can’t without going overdrawn.

Do you:

a) Allow the debit to leave your account without doing anything and face a minimum $35 overdraft charge?

b) Apply for a small cash loan through our website, have the money in your account within hours and pay it back when you get paid?

If you borrow a small amount of money from one of our reliable lenders, you will not need to pay a lot in fees. This not only saves you money, it also means you avoid using your very expensive overdraft facility.

Cash loans used in this way can be invaluable and we are here to help you find the perfect loan for your needs.

What we need from you

Applying for cash loans through our website couldn’t be easier, and in fact all you need is:

  • - A permanent residential address, a landline or mobile telephone number and an email address,
  • - Stable employment that you have been in for at least 30 days,
  • - Proof of a regular income, either from employment or an alternative source,
  • - A bank account with debit feature.

The cash loans application form is quick and easy to complete, and because our panel of trusted lenders is so extensive, the chances of approval within a matter of minutes is high. Our lenders don’t perform credit checks which means even if you have a poor credit history you still have a very good chance of being approved for your cash loan.

It doesn’t matter what you do in terms of employment or how you intend to use the money you borrow because these are details our lenders don’t need or want to know. Providing you earn enough to repay the loan on the agreed date, there is no reason why you won’t be approved. Cash loans can be applied for any time of the day and in most cases the money will reach your bank account within a matter of hours.

What’s more, we will help in any way we can to secure the money you need.